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Sep. 28th, 2009 | 12:10 pm
posted by: comadrug235 in wwe_ppv

Just weeks after making a heroic return to SmackDown , Batista has set his sights on Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show at Hell in a Cell. To achieve this monumental task, the former World Champion has called on his favorite comrade-in-arms, Rey Mysterio , to be his partner. But, will the combined skill of these tremendous Superstars be enough to topple one of the most dominant Tag Team Champions in recent memory?

After choosing to make his move to SmackDown following the expiration of his Raw contract, The Animal quickly kickstarted his exciting reemergence on Friday nights with back-to-back singles victories over Jericho and Big Show. Sidelined with an injury until recently, Batista has quickly roared back into WWE with unbridled fury, proving that his impressive in-ring arsenal has been untarnished by time. And with these two high profile triumphs under his belt, the reinvigorated Superstar seems more than ready to go after the dominant duo’s coveted gold.

At Hell in a Cell, Batista has called on his friend, The Master of the 619, to help him make history. Few Superstars in the squared circle possess the athletic ability and high-flying prowess that the masked Superstar utilizes time and time again. And after recently losing the Intercontinental Championship to John Morrison , Mysterio is no doubt hungry to get his hands back on the gold.

When Chris Jericho used a special contract stipulation to replace his injured Unified Tag Team Champion partner, Edge , with Big Show, he instantly created a tag team tour de force. Together, the two highly-decorated  Superstars have fortified their championship union in impressive fashion, showcasing exceptional chemistry to overcome the likes of The Legacy at Night of Champions, Cryme Time at SummerSlam and again on SmackDown, and the exceptional duo of Mark Henry & MVP at WWE Breaking Point. With every formidable challenge they overcome, the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion & The World’s Largest Athlete have continued to cement their place in the annals of tag team greatness.

The current Unified Tag Team Champions have been running rampant throughout WWE, emerging from every battle they have engaged in with the gold securely around their waists. But at Hell in a Cell, they will face a greater combination of talent, strength and experience than ever before.

At WWE Breaking Point, the WWE Universe witnessed perhaps one of the biggest controversies in recent WWE history.

At first, it appeared Undertaker had dethroned World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk by using Hell's Gate to make him submit. However, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long emerged to instruct referee Scott Armstrong to restart the match, calling the hold illegal.

Once the action resumed, Punk locked The Deadman in the Anaconda Vise. Although The Phenom clearly did not tap out of the hold, Armstrong quickly called for the bell, signaling Undertaker had indeed submitted.

The decision stunned not only Undertaker, but the entire WWE Universe. It took five days to find out any answers.

The following Friday on SmackDown, Long admitted to a pre-planned conspiracy involving himself, Armstrong and Punk to prevent Undertaker from winning the match.

But, was there even more going on behind the scenes?

Listen to Mr. McMahon ’s words closely that same night on SmackDown, as he instructs Teddy on what to say regarding the controversy, and what might happen if he doesn’t say the “right” thing.

But, The Chairman wasn’t the only one who wanted to have a word with Teddy. The Deadman took Teddy on a limo ride to hell.

It wasn’t until the Sept. 25 edition of SmackDown that Long was heard from again – when he was found to be bound and gagged in a coffin! After being untied by CM Punk, Long revealed that Punk would face Undertaker and Hell in a Cell – and Hell’s Gate is now legal.And in a match that same night, Punk found a way to escape The Deadman’s wrath by defeating him by count-out.

But with nowhere to hide within the confines of their Hell in a Cell Match, can Punk find a way to fend off Undertaker and retain his gold? Or, will The Deadman inflict hellish torment and take what he believes he already rightfully earned?

For two weeks straight, Kofi Kingston had his United States Championship stolen from him by first The Miz, and then Jack Swagger . At Hell in a Cell, the thievery will stop as all three Superstars will face off in a Triple Threat Match with the prestigious title at stake.

This won’t be the first time either Swagger or the self-proclaimed “Chick Magnet” has had the chance to take the United States Championship from The Jamaican Superstar. Most recently on Raw , “The All-American American” had a golden opportunity that ended in a no contest, and after the match, thwarted Miz from stealing Kofi’s title again, only to take it himself. Prior to that, the former “Dirt Sheet” star faced Kingston at WWE Breaking Point only to come up short with the title on the line.

None of these ring warriors is a stranger to championships, but a title with as much a storied history as the United States Championship will most certainly bring out their best as they battle it out.

In the end, only one man will have rightful claim to the title at Hell in a Cell. No matter who is literally holding the title when they step into the ring, there’s no doubt that the true champion will be the one who walks out with it.

Will it be Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger or The Miz with the United States gold in their grasp? Find out as the first-ever WWE Hell in a Cell event airs Sunday, Oct. 4, live on pay-per-view.

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