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World Wrestling Entertainment

The Pay-Per-View Community

WWE Pay-Per-View
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Mandatory rules

Insulting other members results in immediate banning
No insulting, mocking or degrading of any members will be allowed and will bring immediate suspension.

Spamming the community results in immediate banning
All spammers will be suspended, no questions asked. Any spamming post will be "Deleted and marked as Spam" and automatically will open a report to the LJ Abuse autorities.You must ask permission from the moderator (and indicated in the post) before plugging any form of publicity unless your community is mentionned already on this page. This includes all other lj communities, message boards but excludes official sites. Someone who post a publicity without permission will be immediatly banned from the community.

Other rules

All spoilers posts must be put behind an lj-cut
And please, with the less indication possible. If spoilers are not behind a cut, the post will be deleted on the spot.

Keep posts on topic
Any posts that has nothing to do with the WWE will be deleted.

Source your news
If you copy/paste information from websites or newsletters, please credit the source. If the source is not credited, the post will be deleted.

Your community moderator:

2009 PPV'S

April 5,2009 The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania - Houston, Texas

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